Invisible Braces

Nearly invisible ClearCaps set your teeth straight…

Will it work for me?

Having straight teeth gives you confidence and leaves your…

How to get it?

A growing number of doctors can offer you a Clearcaps treatment…

What is ClearCaps?

Nearly invisible ClearCaps set your teeth straight

During the last 10 years, a clear revolution in orthodontics has happened. Most people are familiar with braces’ metal brackets and wires, but don’t like the idea of having to wear them, to straighten their teeth. ClearCaps gently shift your teeth to their ideal position…

Clearcaps is removable

You may remove your ClearCaps for eating, drinking or to brush your teeth. And when you have an important meeting, you may take them off for a short while.

Switch every 2 weeks

You will replace your ClearCaps for a new set every 2 weeks. And each of these sets will gradually shift your teeth in to their ideal position.

ClearCaps is comfortabel

Clearcaps are manufactured using BPA free materials of about 0,5 mm thick. You will hardly notice wearing them at all. That’s why ClearCaps is comfortable.